Drivers Beware!!

So we just got a car, sort of.  We were very blessed that Ron and Sharon Wooten, missionaries through the IPHC, allowed us to use their car while they are in the States over the next 6 months.  It is an extremely nice (very rugged) Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.  It will be great to have a vehicle while we get settled and gives us time to figure out at what point we want to invest in our own.

Today we went out for our first real drive around town.  Nairobi has the craziest driving of any city I have ever visited.  The roads here may or may not have lines on them, intersections become round abouts, two laned roads can easily become six cars wide, the sidewalk (or grass) is a reasonable driving area, other vehicles can and will get as close to you as possible, pot-holes are unavoidable, driving regulations are just suggestions, and did I mention that you do all of this on the opposite side of the road!!!  Needless too say it can be quite difficult navigating around this city in a vehicle.  So we are slowly slipping into the routine.  We have taken a couple of drives in slower parts of the city to gain comfort operating on the left side of the road, and making simple turns and changes.   We are becoming more comfortable already and by next week we should be able to open our on matatu (taxi) service!  Not really, by next week Jessica may be able to ride with her eyes open, that is a more realistic goal.  I am glad to say that only once so far have we pulled out going the wrong direction but luckily we had a quick recovery! (Thank you Wootens for having a car that can handle going up on the median!!) 

The Prado.
The Prado.

7 thoughts on “Drivers Beware!!

  1. Hey guys!

    It looks like you are settling in and doing well!
    I will keep checking on you guys! I love the blog!

    Take care.

  2. Hey! The Prado looks really nice, in fact is looks better than the Toyotas here.. ! I would definetly enjoy that while the wootens are gone. … ! It looks pretty rugged, but even still, take it easy Jamie… Jess.. I hope you can start opening your eyes soon! 🙂

  3. So is Jess going to be brave enough to give driving a try? I’m enjoying the updates! And I can’t wait to see your house and the city you’re living in. Take care of yourselves.

  4. Love the new ride!! “Not really, by next week Jessica may be able to ride with her eyes open, that is a more realistic goal.” haha i can just picture it! looking good….love the updates!

  5. Hey! Nice Prado! We actually just got a new truck yesterday. It is a Land Cruiser Prado, just a little bit older. Much stronger than our old Surf. We’re not afraid to pass now. Enjoyed reading your blog!! Do you guys have a cell yet? Celtell? Let us know when you do and we’ll give you a call!

  6. So I met the Wootens the other week, and they told me that you were using their vehicle while they were gone made me chuckle a little bit. The reason why is because I remember stories that I have heard about what driving is like over there, and I can imagine Jamie trying to drive in the craziness and Jess just closing her eyes and praying 😉 . Love you guys!

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