Carl the Cameleon and our new home…

Hey Everyone…This is Jessica.  Jamie has been taking care of the updates, but I thought I would handle it for today.  We are slowly but surely getting settled into our new place.  Of course with any new adventure there are certain adjustments that are required, unwanted house guests being one of those.  For the last couple of nights we have had a cameleon in our home that I have respectfully named Carl.  We will come home and find him hanging out on the wall and the night before last he was in the hallway.  Jamie has successfully caught him and put him outside twice now, but I can only imagine it won’t be long before Carl is gracing us with his presence again.  We of course have encountered large ants that randomly appear.  A least for now they have not appeared in large groups and I am hoping that it will stay that way.  We have heard that some of new staffers have seen roaches in their toaster, huge spiders, and a snake, so we realize that Carl and the ants are not so bad.

 I am also trying to adjust to a new way of cooking.  It is hard to find some of the same ingredients that we have in the states, so improvisation is key.  Tonight I am attemping to cook a chicken casserole, so we will see how that pans out.  I have posted some pictures below of our living room and the new addition to our family.  We went to the market yesterday planning to just look around and left with a Giraffe that is about 4 feet tall.  It is a long story, but we got him for a great price ($2200 ksh, about $34)!!

One thought on “Carl the Cameleon and our new home…

  1. hey u guys this is brooke, Mrs Royston’s daughter!!!!! sounds like ya’ll r having lots of fun down there! Carl looks very cute may i add . omg all that food for $2.30 that is so awsum!!! well i am keeping you and your wife in my prayers!!!! i told all my friends about you going down there and they all think its so cool!!!! i really miss talking to you after school in my mom’s room Mr. Dunning:)!

    Love always,

    P.S.: tell Carl i said hello:)

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