Karura Community Chapel…

The last few weeks we have attended a church called Karura.  It is a Kenyan run church that meets in a huge tent and it is located about 1 mile from campus, where we live.  They hold a Swahili service, 2 english services, and a youth service every Sunday.  Mostly Kenyans attend, but there are a few wazungu (white folk).  So far we are really enjoying the church because it gives us an opportunity to connect with the Kenyan locals in our area.  The main focus of Karura is showing Christ’s love by helping those in need.  They are all about social justice, so that is right up our alley.  The church does several different types of outreach in the community from feeding programs to providing sinlge mothers with opportunties to earn income.  We were fortunate on our first visit to meet the worship leader, who is a lovely Kenyan woman named Marcy.  She has spent time in the States studying music and she is a very talented singer.  She asked as to help out with the music the following week and we did.  It was truly a blessing to be able to get involved so quickly, and to have the chance to connect with the band members.   We are going to be involved with the music on a rotating schedule, as they are in need.  It is looking like possibly every other week or so.  We are so thankful that God has opened this door for us to have a place to worship so close to our home.

We are also looking forward to getting to a few other churches.  We have very close PH missionary friends at Calvary Worship Center, and we plan to get there as soon as possible.  It is a good distance from our house, but we plan on getting over there as regularly as we can.  Here are a few pics of Karura and the service.          

2 thoughts on “Karura Community Chapel…

  1. Great blogs. . . I wish I were in Kenya right now.

    I think the Kinston Choir is doing a benefit concert to raise money for the church you guys are attending to help them build a building.

    We are going to get skype soon so I will call when I’m fully set up.

    Hope you and Jessica are well. We saw your folks at camp meeting. They were all smiles about you.


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