Home for Christmas…

We realize that we haven’t posted in a while.  The last few weeks we have been out of our normal routine.  We were able to fly home and be with our family for Christmas.  We spent 3 weeks bouncing back and forth between families and trying to squeeze in friends along the way.  We both expected to come home and find things to be different (or to at least feel differently) but we found things to be much like we left them, which was nice.  The only noticeable changes were that the landscape seemed to be so ugly (it’s not ugly at all,  but we haven’t seen “winter” in 10 months and kind of missed out on the natural progression of plant life dying out…..) and our nephew Rayf is a bit taller and so much smarter (the kid can hang with us in memory games…and he is 4….AND we both have really good memories, especially one of us….won’t say who because I know better  than that.)

It was great to be with our family, see friends, watch a lot of football, eat some good food and do some shopping.  Our families (as always) were way to good to us and we really appreciate it.  We are excited to head back to Kenya but it will be tough to leave family again.  We are just thankful that we have had the time and  had the money to be at home for the holidays.  Here are some photos…

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