Back in Kenya with cars, cookers and paintings….

We haven’t posted in a while since we have been trying to get settled after 3 weeks away. We are now back in Kenya and we were welcomed back with beautiful 80 degree weather.  Last we heard it was in the 20’s back home, so even though it rained all day yesterday, we will take it.  There are a few things we have been meaning to post about so we just figured we would throw it all together in this post.

We  got a new car.  This actually happened before Christmas but we didn’t get a chance to post about it, so here it goes.  We met a couple from Australia that have been working at a school in Kibera for the last year.  They were flying back to Australia around the end of December and needed to sale the car (which belonged to the organization they worked for) before they left.  Time went by and they hadn’t been able to sale it.  The car was out of our price range but we made an offer (a really low offer that we didn’t expect to be seriously considered).  We got a call back saying that they were running out of time and had to make a sale.  So we got it.  It is a much nicer car then we planned to get, and the price was exactly the amount we had to spend.  The most amazing thing is that within a week all of the paperwork was finalized (amazing for Kenya) and we have the car.  Another interesting side note is that the family selling the car was staying at the Wooten’s (the very same family that has graciously allowed us to use their car the last 6 months) while they were on furlough.  When we returned the Wooten’s car we were able to get into our new car and drive it back.  We are amazed at how God blesses us.

You may remember (if you read it, if not, go read it) us posting about a trip Jamie and Melissa took into Kibera Slum a couple of months ago to visit the Kigulu Orphanage/School.  Just before Christmas we were able to purchase a gas cooker and tank that will save the project thousands of shillings a month.  We should be able to deliver it within the week.  Thanks again to those of you that have been sending  in financial support.  We plan to use every penny of the support to bless ministries such as this one.  Please be in prayer with us about locating the organizations and people that can best use these resources. 

Also, Melissa got us a great gift before she left, a painting we had been wanting.  Check it out….

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