“I live because We live, We live because I live.”

In 2007, on a previous trip to Kenya, we met Pastor Joseph Mboya. He is the pastor of Calvary Worship Center in Ruia (a small farming village about 30 kilometers outside of Nairobi). He and his wife had a heart for the unschooled children in the community so they began a small school in their church building. Ruia School offers the students (some of them orphans) an education, Christan teaching, and a feeding program. We have kept in contact with Pastor Joseph over the last year and recently we found out that due to the rising cost of food they were struggling to purchase the food supplies for the school each month, which provides the students 2 meals a day, and the only guaranteed meals some of the students may get each week. We decided that since we were able to we would purchase the 180 kilos of maize and the 90 kilos of beans that are needed to feed the students each month. Yesterday I (Jamie) delivered the supplies and the Mboya’s were very grateful. We plan to support the Ruia School with food supplies each month for as long as the funds are available. Thanks so much to those of that have given. You have helped feed 46 school children for the next month!

During my visit, the Mboyas treated me to a delicious Kenyan lunch (as is the custom when entertaining wageni…”visitors”….. in Kenya). Over lunch Joseph shared with me his vision for the school and his desire to transform it into the Ruia School and Orphanage so that they can better meet the needs of the students and the community children. During lunch (as usually is the case in christian Kenyan homes around meal time) several community children began gathering around the door of the Mboya’s home. Mrs. Mboya quietly began preparing each child a plate of food and served each one. I told them that it was refreshing to see people that were so open and giving. He chuckled and said that they have food, so as a Christian he must give it if someone is in need. He explained that the greatest need of the people around him was their need for food, and how could he deny them of that need if he had the ability to meet it. He said, “I live because We live, and We live because I live.” Which is a beautiful way to approach life….with the worldview that we are all in it together, and each of us is responsible for the needs of the other through love. I imagine this is what Jesus had in mind for his followers, and what His church should look like and be known for.

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