Tent of Refuge…

Every year Rossyln Academy has a “Christmas Project” where the school raises money for a chosen ministry or nonprofit organization.  This year we chose three different organizations: Jacaranda Creations (which provides dozens of single Mothers income by learning the trade of sewing), Tent of Refuge, and a school in Haiti where one of our co-workers used to work (it recently collapsed, killing dozens of children and injuring more).  We were very pleased that the students, families, and faculty raised over 500,000 kes ($6,329.11…roughly) to be split between theses organizations.

I, Jamie, had the opportunity to go to Tent of Refuge this past weekend to deliver supplies.  Tent of Refuge is a ministry that meets at People’s Christian Fellowship Church in Dandora, Kenya (which we attended earlier and posted about  in September).  IThe aim of the ministry is to assist the children that live and “work” in the Dandora Dumpsite.  Thousands of people find themselves living in the rubbish looking for supplies that they can sell for some type of income.  Most of the children in this horrible situation have no family, no education, and little hope for a future.  Tent of Refuge is a place where they can come and recieve a meal, Christian teaching, basic education, and assistance with school fees.  We were able to contribute finances, as well food supplies, clothing, and back packs filled with school supplies for each kid.  It was a rewarding but heartbreaking experience to spend the morning with those children, knowing the situation they faced every day.   Please keep this ministry, these children, as well as these other organizations in your prayers. 

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