Spiritual Emphasis Week…

We recently had Elementary Spiritual Emphasis Week at Rosslyn Academy. It was a fun week for the kids and a great (and completely exhausting) week for the teachers as well.  Each afternoon the kids had chapel services, special activities, and games.  I (Jamie) led the Worship for the week with my very talented Elementary Worship Team.  The kids did a great job learning the songs, as well as the motions (so I wouldn’t have to do them….not big on motions).  I was also asked to  play a role on the weekly drama.  For ten minutes a day, during the week of February 23-27, Jamie Dunning ceased to exist.  What arose in his place was Robert……Robert the Robot.  I must admit, it was alot of fun pretending to be a robot and goofing off with the kids all week.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the huge box/robot costume I needed to wear, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a good time doing it.  The students loved the week and had a blast learning ways they can better serve Christ.

One thought on “Spiritual Emphasis Week…

  1. Jamie, you were the best Robert the Robert ever! Thanks for joining in the fun. The kids loved watching you each day and so did the other teachers.

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