Trip to Isiolo…

Isiolo, Kenya, is a town that is a few hundred kilometers north of Nairobi. A few weekends ago we took a trip there to look at some land where the PH church is going to build a school/church. Isiolo is very different from most Kenyan towns. It is predominately a Muslim town and most of the people are Somali descendants. This gives the town an different look and overall atmosphere from most towns in Kenya. The PH Church has a small school there that is maxed out with students eager for a free education (over 50 in a room ¼ of the size of a traditional classroom). Many of the families in this area can not afford to pay the school fees so a free education is quite a blessing. With so many students it was decided to purchase an additional acre of land in order to build a larger school building. The town council (made of Muslim members) was so grateful to the church for providing a school for their children that they agreed to donate 4 additional acres of land, if it was promised that the education of the children would continue. So we are planning to build a building on this land that will serve as a larger school building as well as a church building. It is a blessing in a predominately Muslim community to have not only their support, but their assistance to build a Christian church. Because the love of Christ was shown through offering free education to the children many people in this community are beginning to see and experience the love of Christ in their lives. There have already been over 20 converts to Christianity because of this school and they are begging for a formal building to house their own church. When you visit you can feel the excitement as God is beginning to move on this community. One of the first projects (once the deeds to the land are secure) will be to dig a bore hole and install a well. Isiolo is a very dry area so it is imperative that a well is in place even before the construction begins. This is a costly project and one that we will personally be involved with raising funds for when the time comes. Please be in prayer about this well project, the construction of the school, and the small community of believers in Isiolo. We will update soon with further details, as well as with opportunities to help support this project for those of you that are interested.

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