Isiolo Well Project

We haven’t updated in a while, no reason, no excuses, just haven’t been on top of it.  But we wanted to take time to update and let you know of a great opportunity that has opened up for us.  In March we posted about a trip we took to Isiolo, Kenya, with Ron and Sharon Wooten.  We posted about an incredible opportunity World Missions has to build a larger school/church facility (already an existing school) on land that was donated to the church by a predominately Muslim community board (click here to read details).  One of the first things we need to do  in beginning this project is to dig a borehole and a well.  The water will be needed for the construction, as well as for student/member use when the facility is completed.  The projected cost of the borehole is $10,000 and the well is $5,000.  Our goal is to help raise $15,000 so that we can assist World Missions in beginning and completing this project.

We ask all of you friends, family, church family, and people we may not know, to please prayerfully consider supporting this project.  If you can’t do that financially, please do so by praying for this project, the school, the children, the town of Isiolo, and the small group of new believers in this community.

If you are interested in supporting this project you can send tax deductible donations to:

World Missions Ministries

PO Box 12609

Oklahoma City, OK 73157

Attn: James/Jessica Dunning

Ministry Account #90349

All donations will go into our ministry account.  We use this account to provide food for a feeding program at a local school in Ruai, for outreach, and for other projects.  If you choose to send money for the Isiolo Water Project specifically, please send us an e-mail ( so we can separate your gift appropriately.  Thanks and God Bless!

Site of school/church facility in Isiolo.

Future site of school/church facility in Isiolo.

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