Emmanuel College Missions Team

This past week we were able to travel throughout Kenya and into Uganda with a short-term missions team from Emmanuel College.  We both had our first experience in Kenya as students on an EC missions team in 2002.  As team leaders in 2007, we took our second trip to Kenya and it was on this trip that God began to show us his plan for us moving here.  So it was a blessing to be able to support the EC team this year as in country missionaries.  The team focused on ministry in churches, schools and orphanages.  We were able to support the team by serving as driver (Jamie), helping to organize the services and music, providing some in-sight into Kenyan life and culture, and trying to encourage the students as often as possible.  It was a busy week that took us all the way from Nairobi, to Nakuru, to Eldoret, to Jinja-Uganda, to Mbale-Uganda, and back again, but it was an incredible week.  We were blessed to see many people accept Christ for the first time (over 60 that were counted) and be plugged into organizations that can continue to help them grow in Him.  It was also great to travel around East Africa supporting some of the amazing works that are going on, and as always, to meet so many wonderful people and children.  We love the beauty of Kenya’s people, landscapes, and cultures, so any chance to travel through Kenya is a blessing.  Another great aspect of this past week was watching the Lord work in the lives of the EC students on the team.  We witnessed many of the students step out in faith and allow God to use them in many ways.  We enjoyed getting to know them and seeing God move in their lives.  We have a feeling a few future missionaries were a part of that team.  We also enjoyed the chance to spend time with our friends, former professors, and former team leaders, Paul and Beverly Oxley, and our good friends Summer and Kevin Sneed who are now missionaries in Eldoret, Kenya (who also both had their first experiences in Kenya on EC missions teams).  It was tough for us to leave them, but Jessica had to get back to work before she leaves for the States, and Jamie is heading to South Africa for a few days (Look for posts soon for both the SA and US trips).  The team is on Safari for most of this week, but Jamie will be meeting up with the team again next weekend for their last few days of ministry.  Here are some pics from the week.

2 thoughts on “Emmanuel College Missions Team

  1. I recently came in contact over Facebook with someone in Mt. Elgon, Eldoret, Kenya who says that he is trying to help 20 orphan children and has little means to do so. He appears to be authentic in his Christian beliefs. I am not able to do much on my own, but I hope to find someone who can help. In my heart I believe this man to be genuine in his attempt to seek help for his neighbor children. I have received his contact info. in Eldoret and will gladly pass that on to you if you or someone you know could verify the need. Please contact via e-mail or phone to acknowledge receipt of this e-mail. My phone in the US is 731-335-3295. Thank you in advance. May God bless your efforts.

  2. I think you may have replied to me, but I must not have realized who you were and deleted before I read. I truly apologize if this is the case. We have recently been able to assist the group in Eldoret aiding the 20 orphans and 14 widows from Mt. Elgon and areas to the north of Eldoret displaced by tribal battles. The church group of native Kenyan Christians giving aid has proven to be faithful and accountable. They have applied for registration as “Jerusalem Adoption of Heart Community”. Their Facebook page is “Mount Elgon Eldoret” with Bro. Kibii Rotich as forumder. They need help to feed clothe, educate and seek medical help for these needy people. If you know of someone there who will at least call or go to these good Samaritans please let me know or contact Kibii on Facebook. Thank you for your concern. In Christ, Don Morgan.

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