Ruai School Visit…

Today I (Jamie) made a run to Ruai School to deliver some food.  We also took some school supplies and educational posters because Unis Mboya, the school director,  usually hand makes all of the learning resources.  We usually deliver on Saturday because of work so we are never able to see the students.  Since we are out for summer I decided to deliver on a school day so that I could see the students.   My good friends and missionaries, Kevin and Summer Sneed, and Tammy Foy came along with me.  The day started off a bit rough….I got in a car accident in one of the school vans (hit a parked car, genious I am), waited for authorities to settle car dispute for 3 hours, lost my phone to a hole in the dashboard (but did fish it out later), which put me going  through downtown at the busiest and worst time of day, and sat in traffic for a few hours…BUT it was worth it to make it to Ruai with the supplies/food and see the kids.  So here are a few pics of some of the students.  Thanks again to all of you that support this project.  Most of these pictures are of kids that are all in one room, so you may notice that they are in need of more classrooms.  They plan to build more but the cost is around $3,000 and the funds are not yet there.  If you are interested in helping out with this let us know.

One thought on “Ruai School Visit…

  1. Hey! We are going to be moving out to Kenya within the next year, and I stumbled upon your blog. Just wanted to say “hi”!

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