Medical Missions in Mombasa…

Last week I (Jamie…again….still waiting on Jessica, ahem, to post something about her time in the States) went to Mombasa, Kenya with a joint team of pharmacy students from Campbell Unniversity and a ministry team from Greenville First PH Church.  The purpose of the trip was to support a few churches in the Mombasa area by offering free medical clinics to those communities.  On Friday and Saturday, the pharmacy students, along with Jim Pope (missionary to Kenya), a nurse and a kenyan doctor, met with nearly 400 patients in 2 days!  Each person recieved a free evaluation, free medications for specific conditions, vitamins, and deworming pills.  As each patient left they were prayed over by a prayer team and also heard the gospel of Christ.   Through this 15 people gave their hearts to the Lord.   As patients were waiting the Greenville First team had children’s ministry going, and they ministered to over 400 kids in those 2 days.  It was a blessing to see so many people recieve assitance with their physical conditions as well as spirtual healing.  I didn’t play a large role on this team, more of  a supporter.  I just helped keep the crowds of waiting people organized and tried to keep the flow of patients running smoothly.  I really enjoyed just assiting this team though, because they were all so talented at what they did.  There were quite a few serious conditions that the team was not equipped to deal with but by being there we were able to help get assistance to those people.  There are 3 cases in particular that stand out to me….one boy that at the age of 6 has a heart that is growing much to fast and is literally pushing out of his chest.  He will not live long with this condition, but we are praying that it is going to work out for him to be brought to Nairobi for a surgery, and a member of the team has offered to cover the cost.  Even if she is not able to we all are willing to chip in to see that it be paid for.  Another was a little girl that was extremely weak, constantly sore and tired.  Angie Pope (missionary and Jim’s wife) took her to be tested and we found out she is HIV positive.  It breaks my heart, but it is a blessing that we were there, because now this little girl’s family knows and she is being brought to Nairobi to recieve ARV’s and supplements she needs.  One small boy had horrible scabs all over his arms and it turns out that it is a type of skin cancer.  Now his family is aware of it and can get him the help he needs.  Please pray that God will intervene in these situations in whatever capacity He wills. 

On Sunday, I went to one of the churches where we had had the medical clinic the previous day, with Kevin and Summer Sneed.  I shared a few words with the crowd, Summer and I sang a song, and then Kevin preached a great message.  We saw 4 people accept Christ and prayed with many more for personal needs.  That afternoon we visited an orphanage, Happy Rocks, in South Beach, Mombasa.  We spent the afternoon playing with 26 incredible kids.  I met one little girl named Talia who stole my heart and didn’t give it back.  You can see her below, but be careful looking at the pic, she might just steal your heart too!  This was a great trip where, as always, we saw God do amazing things.  After 3 ten hour days in the hot Mombasa sun, we took a day to enjoy the beautiful Indian Ocean coast.  Unfortunately, the 90 degree blazing sun we faced on our work days was nowhere to be found and instead it was overcast and windy, but we were still able to realx, go snorkeling, and I even took a tour of Fort Jesus.  So it could have been worse. 

This trip ended a wonderful month for me.  A month where I traveled with 2 missions teams, was able to assist dozens of schools, churches, and orphanages, visited 5 countries, drove nearly all the way across East Africa (from Lake Victoria to the Indian Ocean) doing ministry and service projects, travled across northeastern South Africa, saw some great soccer matches, and got to be a part of several great things that God is doing in this part of the world.  I really am blessed.  The only down side is that i spent 15 days of it without Jessica, so I am very ready for my wife to come back home!

One thought on “Medical Missions in Mombasa…

  1. Oh what a cutie! I see how she stole your heart. Are you sure you don’t want to bring her back home with you!

    It such a blessing reading your blog and seeing how God is using you and Jess. Such an encouragement to us all.

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