Ruai Building Project…

Most of you that read this blog know that we support a school in Ruai by providing food for the school’s feeding program.  Yesterday we visisted the school to make our delivery, and were happy to have our good friends Daniel and Keturah Nipper join us.  We were able to see all of the students and spend a little time singing with them.  We were also able to see the feeding program in action, which was great since we usually have to deliver on weekends and miss seeing the students.  After spending some time with the students we had an amazing lunch (as always) and chai prepared by Sister Eunice and enoyed time fellowshiping with the Mboyas.  After lunch Pastor Joseph took us to Victor’s School, which is a relatively new boarding school in the Ruai area that is home to 30 orphaned teenage girls.  This school operates by the faith of the administration who are all volunteering their time to ensure the school is successful.  The school has very little funding and all of the students are allowed to attend free of charge.  Because of this the school faces many challanges every day, mainly in the area of having enough food.  We are now prayerfully considering ways that we can assist this school in their work.  Look  for more information on this school, and ways to help, in the future.

In our last post about Ruai School, I wrote about their need for a new classroom building.  We were blessed to be able to assist them with funds to begin construction on the foundation of the new building (pictured below).   Thank you to all of you that have contributed to this project!  We still need more funds to be able to complete this structure as soon as possible, so if you are interested in investing in this project please let us know.

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