We are still here…

Sorry that we have not been updating lately. Things have been a bit busy the past few weeks, but we are starting to settle back into our routine, so the updates will be coming (just like this one). So, you may ask, what has been keeping us so busy the past few weeks? We are glad you asked, the following update will answer that very question. First of all, school has started back at Rosslyn. All of you teachers out there know that the first few weeks of school are insanely busy. I (Jamie) changed grade levels this year moving up from 2nd grade back up to 3rd grade, which is what I taught for 5 years in Georgia. I have a great class of 16 students. Jessica has been extremely busy working on her graduate school classes. She has written over 70 pages for papers the last few weeks, spent hours reading and researching, not to mention working a full time job. She is doing an amazing job though, now halfway through her program and will have her Masters in Business Administration in April!

We have also been trying to take full advantage of ministry opportunities that have arisen. Two weekends ago we were invited back to Abundant Life Worship Center by our house helper, Margaret. Once again I was invited to preach (even though I hardly consider myself a preacher) along with my friend Daniel who also spoke. God, as always, was extremely faithful is using us in spite of ourselves and we had a great service. The one big difference this time was that the girls, Jess and Keturah, were also asked to prepare a session for the women of the church. So after the service they spent some time ministering to the women, where they did an amazing job teaching about the fruits of the Spirit. Yesterday we visited Calvary Worship Center Ruai. It is Pastor Joseph’s church and is the home of Ruai School where we support the feeding program. We decided that this month we would make our food run on Sunday so that we could also worship with them as well. Little did I know, (though I should have since I have lived in Kenya for over a year now!!!) I was the guest speaker for the service. It was ok though since I found out about it halfway through the worship set it allowed me a whole 15 minutes to get my thoughts together (that’s right, a whole 15 minutes, and remember earlier when I said I don’t consider myself a preacher? Yeah….that hasn’t changed). But once again God met me exactly where I was and we had a wonderful service and time of worship. We were also able to monitor the progress of the new classroom building project. The foundation is completely finished and the walls are going to start going up this week. We would love to show you pictures, but apparently we don’t know how to charge a camera battery, so we will have to get those photos posted soon. Thanks again to all of you that have contributed to the building. It is coming along nicely and is going to be a great addition to the school.

Well, that is pretty much all that is new in our lives. We just found out that we will have the day off tomorrow because the Kenyan Government just declared a public holiday so that they can conduct the census. Gotta love suddenly announced, unexpected National Holidays!

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