Hosanna Children’s Home

Yesterday we went to Githunguri, a small town about an hour away, to visit Hosanna Children’s Home. Hosanna was started by Rev. Beatrice Wambui and is home to over 55 orphans. She also has a church there that reaches out to the community. We went with missionaries, Ron and Sharon Wooten and their daughter Janene. We were asked to sing a few songs for the church, one of which was a beautiful Swahili song called, “Ahadi Zake” (His Promise) that Jessica sang. After the service we spent some time touring the facilities, getting to know Beatrice and her family, and spending some time with the kids. Before we left they presented us with Kenyan outfits to show us their gratitude for our coming.  We were very grateful for the kindness and generosity, and now we have our own Kenyan outfits to wear to churches when we visit.

Hosanna Children’s Home is doing a great work and is really growing through the Lord, but like all ministries and outreach organizations, they have needs. One area of need right now is in bedding. There are not enough beds, mattresses, and blankets for all of the children, and there are more orphans coming within the week. We are planning to purchase enough beds and mattresses to meet this need immediately. If you are interested in contributing towards this project, it would be greatly appreciated. Hosanna is a unique orphanage, and Beatrice is an incredible lady, so this is only the beginning of our partnership with this place. Look for more opportunities to contribute in the future.

2 thoughts on “Hosanna Children’s Home

  1. Hey guys..

    It’s awesome to read about what’s happening where you are and to know that you’re making a difference, not only in these people’s lives, but in the kingdom of God as a whole. I love you guys and am proud of you!

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