Going to the chapel….

Living in a foregin country has provided us with many awesome opportunities and blessings, but living abroad does require certain sacrifices.  The most obvious is the distance from family and friends, and not being present to see our niece and nephew grow up.  But this weekend we are having to make another huge sacrifice.  Two of our best friends in the world, Jason Crowgey and Tiffany Ward, are both getting married (but not to each other!).  Jason is marrying Renee Sanders, an incredibly cool girl he met in Grad School, and TIffany is tying the knot with Chris Trainor, a great guy that she has known most of her life.  Jason and Tiffany were both in our wedding, and we would give anything to be there for them on their big days.  Unfortunately we are going to be thousands of miles away!  If only they had planned their lives around us and waited for us to be home!!!!  But what are you going to do. 

We love them greatly, would give anything to be able to be there with them, and wish them the best as they start this new chapter of their lives.

We love you Jason and Tiff!  God Bless!

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