A Day at Hosanna…

Sunday we traveled back to Githunguri to visit Hosanna Children’s Home again. It was great to see Sister Beatrice, her family, and all of the children. We were able to worship with them at their church, sing a few songs, and Jamie was asked to speak. We were also able to see some additions they had made to the facilities. In the post about our last visit (click here) we mentioned that we were going to assist them in purchasing some additional beds for the kids. As of now there are enough beds for the children, so the money we donated was able to go towards an additional need. Meals for the children were being prepared in an outdoor kitchen, however they received a visit from a health officer who insisted that they have an indoor facility, and he only gave them 2 weeks to comply. With the contribution we made they were able to build an indoor facility for cooking with an additional room for food preparation and storage. This is a blessing because it meets the health officer’s standards and is more sanitary, but also because it allows the cooks to work under a roof as opposed to outside.  So thanks for your support!

Unfortunately, they also shared with us some unfortunate news. Beatrice’s son, Isaac, who is a children’s officer and helps at the orphanage, was leaving the bank last week with a large amount of money that had been donated to the orphanage. Shortly after leaving he was approached by a group of men posing as police officers who pushed him into a car. They abducted him for over two hours and finally robbed him of all of the money, and then left him in a coffee field far outside of town. Luckily, God protected him and he was not injured but a large amount of money was stolen that belongs to the children of Hosanna. The money that was stolen was going to be used to pay school fees for the students, food, supplies, and facility additions. We are planning on helping them replace the money that was lost and we believe that God will provide even more! If you are interested in supporting this work please let us know, and please keep Hosanna in your prayers. Also, please pray for the safety of Isaac, Beatrice, and their family as they all work tirelessly to provide for these children, and that they will receive the peace needed to get completely past this ordeal.

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