Camping in Naivasha…

Last weekend we decided to get away for a night, just the two of us, so after leaving Hosanna Children’s Home we headed north to the Rift Valley for a night of camping on Lake Naivasha.  Now according to the map we used there is a nice road going from Githunguri through a couple of towns and connecting us with the road we normally take into the valley.  We figured it would be much faster then backtracking.  Well, this nice road (on the map!!) fell apart just outside of Githunguri and turned instead into a large muddy path with random patches of asphalt rising out of the ground (the remains of what was once that nice road).  So we spent the next 3 1/2 hours moving at the blazing speed of 20 KPH and dodging potholes (Trip should have been 1-2 hours max).  But it turned out to be a nice (though at times frustratingly slow and bumpy) drive that allowed us to see a few places we hadn’t seen before, and eventually we arrived at Fisherman’s Camp on Lake Naivasha.  Lake Naivasha is the 3rd largest lake in Kenya (if you include Victoria) and it is home to many exotic birds and wildlife.  The camp was nice but did have some drawbacks.  Strong points: beautiful lake scenery, close to water, feeding ground for hippos (more on this in a minute), well established campgrounds, and  low entry fee.  Weak points: overcrowded, not very private or secluded, and you have to camp near people who think experiencing the outdoors includes mandatory music played loud enough for everyone else to enjoy as well!  But some of those strong points made it worth it.  For example, at around 2:30 a.m. we heard a loud munching sound outside.  We got out of our tent to find a massive hippo enjoying some tasty grass about 20 feet from our tent.  It was a pretty amazing experience (No pictures though, the flash wouldn’t pick it up!!).  The next morning we went over to Crescent Island, but because of low lake levels isn’t really an island right now.  There are hundreds of herd animals on the “island” and you can pay a small fee to hike among them.  We have seen hundreds of animals since being in Kenya, but there is something surreal about hiking through herds of giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, gazelles, and being within 25 ft. of a herd of 20-30 hippos taking their morning swim.  Another great weekend in Kenya!

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