Another Visit to Hosanna…

Hosanna Children’s Home is quickly becoming one of our favorite places here, as you can probably tell from all of the recent posts about our visits.  We really believe in the work that is going on there and consider it a blessing to be able to support and partner with them.  We previously posted about a tragedy where Isaac, one of the managers of Hosanna, was mugged as he was leaving the bank and a large amount of orphanage money was stolen.  We felt strongly that we should try to help replace some of the money that was lost.  Today we had the joy of delivering a nice contribution to them.  It was not nearly the amount that was lost, but it was a good start.  We were also able to deliver a few supplies as special  gifts to the orphanage (a gas cooker to compliment their wood burning stove in the kitchen, and a few soccer balls and frisbees for the kids).  Thank you so much to all of you that contribute to our ministry account!  It is because of your generosity that  we are able to bless this ministry.  If you are interested in supporting this ministry further, please check out the “Ways to Help” tab at the top.  Specified contributions will go towards helping Hosanna Children’s Home in any of the following ways:  Buying food and supplies, paying school fees for the children, building and improving facilities, investing in sustainability projects, etc.  Asante Sana!! 

On another note, we were very excited to see that since our last visit they have been able to clear land for a large shamba (garden/farm) and plant several different types of vegetables and herbs to supplement the feeding program for the kids.  Within a few months they should be completely self-sufficient in growing their own vegetables! 

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