Trip to Nakuru….

This past weekend we traveled to Nakuru to visit Children Outreach Ministries to the Destitute/Pistis Academy, the very first place we visited when we came to Kenya for the first time in 2002. The orphanage/school/church was started and is run by Brother and Sister Wakesa, an incredible couple that sacrifice constantly to meet the needs of street kids in Nakuru. What started as a small orphanage (of 30 kids when we visited in 2002) now houses over 100 children, and is a private day school to hundreds more. They have been facing some major difficulties though. The post election violence in 2007 was at it’s worst in Western parts of the country and the town of Nakuru was badly affected. Even two years later you can still see the negative impact this tragic event had on places like Pistis. They had been sustaining the school and orphanage with the fees received from paying day-school students. However, many of the wealthier families fled during the violence causing the school to lose a high percentage of paying students. The numbers have never returned, but the number of orphaned children has increased. Therefore, they are facing serious financial struggles to maintain the school, pay teachers, and to continue to provide for the orphaned children at a high level. Please be in prayer for this ministry and for us as we search for ways to create sustainable income for the project. They are doing a great work and we want to partner with them to ensure that the work continues. Our first step will be donating some money to help pay teachers that haven’t been paid since September. Long term we are searching for sustainability projects. If you are interested in assisting this ministry financially, let us know. We had a great time visiting with them and of course eating wonderful food prepared by Sister Gladys (Mokimo, githeri, chapattis, dengu, and stew…ummm.). On Sunday Jessica had the opportunity to sing a beautiful Swahili song in the morning service, and Jamie was asked to preach (this just keeps happening!!). It was a great service and another great weekend in Kenya.

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