Thanksgiving on the Coast…

Nothing says Thanksgiving like laying by the Indian Ocean sipping an ice-cold beverage…well, maybe a lot of things say Thanksgiving better than that but that is how we spent our’s this year. We went to the coast at Watamu, Kenya with our friends the Nippers and stayed at a resort called Turtle Bay. Most people might not be aware of it but the Kenyan coast is tropical and beautiful. For the most part we just spent our time relaxing (lounging and palying in the pool and reading/napping by the ocean) and eating.  But we did find some time for a little adventure as well.  One day we took a boat out and went snorkeling at the coral reef in the Watamu National Marine Park, which has an amazing variety of fish and marine life.  We also went a good ways out (1 1/2 hours round trip) to try to find dolphins, but due to the rough water that far out we only found queasy stomachs.  We also spent some time kayaking out to different rocks off the shore where we saw loads of crabs and other interesting creatures.  Of course no trip to the coast would be complete without several sightings of OOEMIS around the beach area (Old Overweight European Men In Speedos), but we will spare you the image…just know that the Kenyan Coast is hopping with OOEMIS (well, maybe not hopping….most OOEMIS are  incoherent and sprawled out on lounge chairs roasting  in UV Rays).   Anyway, we had a wonderful, relaxing holiday and now we only have 3 weeks until we go home for Christmas!

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