Christmas at Hosanna…

Yesterday we had the joy of going to Hosanna Children’s Home to throw a Christmas Party for the children.  We wanted to treat them to something they do not get very often so we took pizzas, sodas, chips and cookies.  To our surprise over 30 of the kids had never eaten pizza before.  Many of them had heard of it, but never actually eaten it.  It goes without saying that it was a big success, the kids loved it and the pizza was described as being “sweet.”  We were also able to get all 52 of the children a brand new pair of shoes for Christmas.  They were very excited about the shoes and enjoyed unwrapping them just as much.  It was a blessing for us to be able to see the joy on the childrens’ faces as they enjoyed the food and appreciated their gifts.  It is because of the generous donations of so many of you that we were able to bless the children at Hosanna this Christmas Season.  Asante Sana and Merry Christmas!!

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