Away We Go….

Since returning from the Holidays at home we have settled back into our routine at Rosslyn.  So this weekend we decided to make our monthly food run to Ruai School. We went on Sunday so that we were able to attend service at Calvary Worship Center Ruai, as well as go with Pastor Joseph to minister at Gib’s Girls Secondary School. We have been to this school before with the Emmanuel College Team we led in 2007. It was great to return and to see how God is continuing to use the school to strengthen young girls in their Christian faith. We were able to see an original drama some of the girls had created as well as hear their choir, which had some of the most talented singers we have heard in our time in Kenya. We were asked to sing a few songs and Jamie had the opportunity to share a short word (Surprise!). After the time at Gib’s we walked to the church for the morning service. Ruai, even though only around 20-25km away, has quite a different climate from where we live. It is much more arid and hot. So walking around the community can feel like trekking through a mild desert, especially on a hot day (which Sunday was!), and especially for Mama Jessica (5 months pregnant….Baby Dunning is coming soon!). We presented a few songs during the service, but after that we were able to simply enjoy the service from the audience, which doesn’t often happen when we visit churches.   

On a different note, the school we support with monthly food is now up to 70 students! This is due in large part to the consistency of the feeding program which blesses the children, but also their families because they have peace in knowing that in addition to an education and Christian teaching, their children are getting consistent meals, even when times are tough. We are going to slightly increase our food donations each month, due to the increase of students, and we are also continuing to work towards the completion of the new classroom building. If you are interested in supporting these works, as always it will be much appreciated. You can get specific giving information on the “How to Help” tab at the top.  Asanta na Mungu akubariki! (Thanks and God Bless)

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