Baby Update…

A few weeks ago Jamie and I went for a sonogram to make sure that everything was progessing as it should with the pregnancy and that our little baby was doing great.  I was 19 weeks at this time and the previous sonogram was 11 weeks before, so it was definitely amazing to see how things had progressed.  The baby was doing great and everything was growing as it should.  It was so amazing to see the little hands moving and feet kicking.  We also got to see a 3D image of the face, which was precious!  We were hoping to find out the gender at that appointment but our little babies ankles were closed tight and wouldn’t budge.  Stubborn already! (just like daddy :)) 

Yesterday we went back for one more shot at finding out the gender, and we were able to see and confirm (100% according to the sonographer) that we are having a little girl.  Miss Sophie Grace Dunning will be born in early June and her mommy and daddy could not be more excited.  It is amazing that you can love someone so much who has not even entered the world yet.  I am doing great.  The second trimester has been wonderful.  We have posted a few pics of Sophie, and one of me at 21 weeks.  The baby bump is starting to come out more everyday and Sophie is steadily becoming  more active.  We will post more updates and pictures as we have them.

One thought on “Baby Update…

  1. Congratulations! I read on facebook that you were having a little girl. That is so wonderful!

    I’ve been following your website for a little bit now. How you have allowed God work through you is an amazing testimony. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your newest addition.

    amy harper

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