Cheese Sticks and Chicken Fingers…

Though living in Kenya provides us with many extraordinary experiences and opportunities and we love our life here, there are times when we need a little taste of home. Some ways we accomplish feeling at home in a foreign country are by going to the movies (though we can get a hot dog, popcorn, drink and movie here for $6, so even better than home), sauntering aimlessly around one of Nairobi’s many malls (even though I customarily dislike this activity in every country), watching TV on DVD, or watching NFL and college football (but this requires staying up really late or/and streaming the game on internet sites that may or may not remain consistent, or waiting until the following day to catch a replay).

Once every couple of months we have also started going to Camp Brackenhurst, a Baptist retreat/campground in Limuru, for lunch. This camp is located in the foothills of the Eastern Highlands surrounded by tea and coffee country, so the surrounding landscape is stunning. The camp itself has several lodgings, conference centers, a chapel, and a restaurant, resembling an Appalachian Mountain ski lodge. At the restaurant you can order from a decent menu, but the highlight for us is chicken fingers with honey mustard and mozzarella cheese sticks. We know, these don’t sound like amazing eats, but both are common food items at home that are rare here. The greasy food combined with the mountain lodge atmosphere combine to give a decent dose of home.

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