Almost there…

This weekend we made our monthly food run to the school we support in Ruai accompanied by our good friend Scott Barnett .  We were very pleased to see the progress on the 3-room classroom building we have been raising funds to build.  We are still in need of funds to finish the building, but we are almost there as you can see below.  Thanks for your support!  We found out that the school is now serving 90 students!  This number  has doubled since we began supporting the school with food this time last year.  Eunice, the director of the school, told us that the increase in numbers is directly related to the consistency of the food for the feeding program, so thank you so much to all of you that have contributed to make this possible!  We are now looking into a few options for sustainability/income generating projects for the school, so please check for updates on those projects in the future.

No visit to Ruai is complete without a delicious meal prepared by Sister Eunice and of course a cup (or two) of chai.  We spent a small part of the afternoon eating, sipping chai, and discussing everying from soccer to politics.  It was a great visit and a very encouraging day in regards to seeing all that the Lord is doing. 

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