Project Update…

We haven’t posted on the progress of our outreach projects in a while so we wanted to take a minute to update you on a few current projects and some upcoming ones.  Thanks again to all of you that support these projects with prayers and donations (We need both!!).  Asante Sana!

Calvary Worship Center Ruai School: Classroom Building

The building is coming along nicely.  During our last visit we were pleased to see that the roof has been completed  and the rooms are now being  used for classes.  This is a blessing because they school is now reaching over 90 children (3 times the number that the school had when we started the food assistance 18 months ago!).  As you can see (picture below) the building is still basically a shell so our next goal is to get windows and doors in place so that items can be secured.   We will then work towards plastering the walls and floor to finish the project.  

Hosana Children’s Home: Beds Project

You may vaguely remember us trying to raise funds for this project around a year ago.  We later received word from Beatrice (Director) that the government had ordered them to build a new indoor kitchen facility so we redirected our attention towards that (see post) and were glad to assist them in meeting this need.   Now we would like to turn our attention back to the beds.  Currently Hosana is home to 64 kids/teenagers but has only 29 beds!!   Many of the children are sleeping 2 and 3 to a bed, so for us this an urgent need that we would like to meet as soon as possible.  Our goal is to buy 12 bunk bed units, each unit having 3 beds.  We would also like to buy new mattresses for all the beds.  This is going to be a costly project but is one that we are eager to start working towards.

Nakuru Worship Center/Children’s Ministries to the Destitute/Pistis Academy: Repairs

This ministry is the first we ever visited in Kenya in 2002 and it has kept a special place in our hearts.  In the last 8 years we have seen God take this ministry from a home serving 30 kids to an orphanage that is home to 150 orphans  as well as a private day-school that reaches out to over 100 additional community children.   However, recently they have faced many challenges and difficulties in meeting the needs of their growing population, most of which started as a result of the post-election violence of 2007.  The violence hit Nakuru especially hard and the orphanage/school found the number of orphans growing as the number of paying students was decreasing.  Many of the facilities, though once top-notch, are now in desperate needs of repairs.  We would like to assist with these needs as best we can.

This is just an update on what we are doing and on a few things we plan to do.  As always, thanks for reading and thanks for the support!

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