Promulgation Day….

We love living in Kenya for many reasons: the breathtaking landscape, the fusion of international cuisine, amazing people, incredible community, access to grand outdoor ventures, cheap produce, African customs and culture …..the list could go on and on.  One thing that we are especially fond of  is the Government’s occasional declaration of random and unexpected Public Holidays.  You may remember the declaration of “Obama Day” during our first year here (Obama’s father was Kenyan after all) which gave Kenyans the day off to celebrate the election of one of their sons, Barack Obama, as US President.  Even though across the pond the US citizens that elected him proceeded to work as usual, many Kenyans had the day to organize parades, have parties, and slaughter goats in his honor.  Sadly, Obama Day was a one time event.  The holiday has not been repeated since 2009 (this may have been the original plan or it could be because Obama has not lived up to the expectations of many of his Kenyan cousins).  The latest Public Holiday to be declared is today, Promulgation Day or Constitution Signing Day, as some are calling it.  The country of Kenya recently held a referendum (August 4) to ratify the constitution and today, August 27, is the day that President Kibaki will sign the new constitution and several Kenyan leaders will take oaths under the new laws.  Many Kenyans are looking at today as a “new dawn” for Kenya and it’s “rebirth.”  There is a huge signing ceremony planned in downtown Uhuru Park today, and people all over the country will be watching, praying, and celebrating this event in Kenyan history.  Some may say that for a country that already has several Public/Political holidays (Madarka Day, Jamhuri Day, Moi Day, Kenyatta Day) that one more is a bit much.  As for us, it is an unexpected but welcomed day off.  We decided to sleep late, will visit friends who just welcomed their baby into the world, plan to spend lots of  time playing with Sophie, may go out for lunch, and will definitely be lazy all afternoon.  So we say……Happy Promulgation Day everyone!

President Kibaki and Prime Minister Odinga practicing to become amateur magicians....or making a gesture symbolizing peace at a referendum rally a few weeks ago.

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