Thanksgiving at Christian Community School Ruai…

We decided this year that we wanted to celebrate Christmas with the students at Ruai before we left for holiday.  The school is not in session in December, so we decided to go on Thanksgiving morning.  Jessica wasn’t able to go (something about having a lot of food to cook or something like that) so I took my friend Daniel and his two oldest daughters, Abby (6) and Kayleigh (4).  Since the students will not be in session in December they will not get the usual two meals a day which comes from the food we provide, so we decided that we would make food bags for each of the kids as a Christmas present.  This gift will bless them but also their families/care takers.  We included 1 kg of maize, 1 kg of beans, and a few bags of a combination of rice and vegetables that a friend of ours who works for Convoy of Hope blessed us with……side note-he gave us over 700 bags of this amazing rice/veggie mix that only requires boiling water and will feed 4-6 people.  Apparently they received a huge shipment and had extra so we were able to give a few bags to each child and still have a bit of a stock to use next month at a couple of projects…..The kids welcomed us with songs and were delighted to see wazungu kids (some of these children live in a remote enough area that they rarely see white people, but especially not white children), they of course rushed to dance with Abby and Kayleigh and to touch their hair.  We spent about 30 minutes passing out the food and playing with the kids.  I cannot imagine a better way to start Thanksgiving.  Eunice prepared us a delicious lunch (even though I had told her we had BIG lunch plans later that afternoon) so her meal got us ready for the bigger lunch we had later.

We were also very excited to see that two major projects we have been working on have reached completion!  The classroom building is now finished (but needs a few finishing touches before we post final photos), and a water reservoir tank that we assisted them in building is completed as well (also pictured).  We are so thankful to those of you that supported us in this work and are thankful to God for you.

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