Hosanna Beds Project…

You may remember that we recently posted about a Beds Project that we were starting for Hosanna Children’s Home.  We are happy to report that all 68 (they have gained 4 more kids since we started this project) children now have their very own bed as well as a high density foam mattress.  We were able to purchase several new bunk bed units as well reinforce the frames that they already had.  Previously, Hosanna had 29 beds that were being shared between 68 children.  Some kids were sleeping three on one mattress, not to mention that the mattresses they were using were of poor quality and were only a few inches thick.  We visited  today and the kids are very proud of their new beds.   Beatrice also told us that the kids take such pride in their beds that she never even has to remind them to make them. 

We want to say a very special thank you to the Men’s Ministry of Kingsway PH Church (SC) for contributing the funds to make this project possible.  You can all sleep peacefully knowing that, because of your generosity, 68 kids in Githunguri, Kenya are able to do the same.  On behalf of the kids of Hosanna, Asante Sana!

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