An attempt…

We haven’t done the greatest job at keeping this page updated recently.  We have noticed that we have been posting less and less.  In an attempt to pinpoint the reason for this, we realized that it is because the longer we live in Kenya the less unique our experiences seem to be.  When we first arrived we wrote about everything because we wanted all of our friends and family back home to get a glimpse of what our life here looks like.  The main purpose in creating this page was to share our experiences, give a representation of Kenya (at least how it looks through our eyes), and to bring awareness to the different projects we are involved with.  After nearly 3 years the differences in lifestyle and culture that once seemed so unique to us have just become part of our everyday life.  Because of this we don’t think about sharing as often and when we do think about it we aren’t always as motivated.

So, we are going to make an attempt to do better.  Not because we feel that anything we post is all that important, nor do we fool ourselves into thinking that people actually need or want to read any of it, but simply because…….well, we don’t really know why…..just because.

Below is a sampling of photos that can serve as a representation of a handful of our experiences from the last few months.   

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One thought on “An attempt…

  1. I can’t believe it’s almost been three years! How time flies. Sophie is just adorable and I always love seeing updated pictures of her!

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