Trip to Eldoret….

We took a family trip to Eldoret this week to visit our friends Kevin and Summer Sneed.  They are both serving at Eldoret Bible College helping with administration and teaching classes but eventually they will take over complete administration of the school.  They invited Jamie to come serve as a guest lecturer for one of the education courses.  Jamie spent two days teaching about the value of children’s education within the church, how to organize and plan appropriate lessons for young learners, and also spoke at the weekly chapel.  We also had the opportunity to sing a special, and Jessica did an amazing job as always.  We were encouraged to see how well the school is doing and were very excited to see 17 students from 6 different African countries being trained and equipped for ministry in their home countries.  The school currently provides a scholarship for one student from each East African nation per term.  If you are interested in making a contribution towards this scholarship program, which makes it possible for many of these students to receive their education, let us know and we will get the contact for you.

During our visit we also had the chance to spend some time hanging out with the Sneeds and their cat…….Sophie’s new best friend.  We had a great visit and really appreciated their hospitality.

One thought on “Trip to Eldoret….

  1. Hello! My name is Amber Bajema and I live in Boise, Idaho. I read your blog regarding your trip close to the Dadaab refugee camps and found it incredibly fascinating! Especially since I’ve been trying to find a way to get to the camps for the past 2 months.:) About two months ago I bought a ticket to come there for 2 weeks, but then found out from the UNHCR that no individuals were allowed at that time to enter the Dadaab refugee camps. I have been praying much since then and have been continuing to knock on doors to see if God might open up the way for me somehow to go. I am a medical assistant (nurse) and have been on a couple med teams to India through my church. While I LOVE medical work, I believe that God has a different mission for me on this trip. My heart has been drawn to simply visit with and spend time with the suffering in hospitals or wherever they are located. I would love to correspond with you and get your perspective on the situation there. My personal email is
    Thanks so much and blessings to you!
    Amber Bajema

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