Christ Community School Ruai: Chicken Project

We have been supporting Christ Community School Ruai with food for their feeding program for 2 1/2 years now.  Recently we have felt lead to invest in a sustainability project that will allow the school to generate income so that they aren’t dependent on donations to run.  With the Mboyas, we have decided to start in a Chicken/Egg project at the school.  We will start with 300 chickens and are constructing a dual purpose structure that will house the chickens as well as provide a room for the caretaker.  We will continue providing the monthly food support while the project is established, but our hope is that within the next 6-9 months the school will be self-sustained.  We can then redirect our support to other areas of long-term development for the school.  As always, we would appreciate any donations towards this project and gladly welcome your prayers for this project and the school. 

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