Sophie Update…

I realized today that we haven’t posted a blog dedicated Sophie in a while.  Next week she will be 15 months old which is so hard to believe.  Time has definitely flown by, so we thought this was as good a time as any for a quick update.   Sophie has so many fun new things she is doing.  She loves playing outside and it has become her new ritual every morning after we have her dressed to grab her shoes, sit by the door, and beg to go outside so she can play on the swing set. She loves to swing and has just recently learned to climb up the slide by herself.  She is starting to express herself with a few words and with constant, emphatic babbling.  She has also started letting us know exactly what she wants, from food, to bathtime, to brushing her teeth before bed.  We are definitely beginning to see her little independent side coming out and she no longer requires Mommy and Daddy being right there all the time.  We are having so much fun watching her learn new things on a daily basis.  God has truly blessed us with a wonderful little girl that bring so much joy to our lives.  We had hoped to post a few videos, but it wasn’t possible so enjoy the pics.)

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2 thoughts on “Sophie Update…

  1. Yay- a Sophie update! I’m thrilled to see that she has officially “left the blanket” so to speak. You wondered when the transition would happen from clean on the blanket to dirty in the dirt, and here it is. So very fun. I can’t believe how old she’s looking. Penelope will be bummed to see that Sophie’s enjoying the sandbox without her. Hang on, Soph, just…11 (!?!?) more months and Pen will be back :). Love the pics. (also love the one of Melissa enjoying her chapatis in the previous post :)).

  2. (not a big fan of the smiley face icons. they look way more intensely chipper than the colon and parentheses version that i typed. don’t worry, i haven’t become overly cheesy and chipper since our departure….smiley face).

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