Project Update…

We have several projects we are currently working towards as well as a few on the horizon, so here is an update of what we have in the works.  We would appreciate prayer for these projects, and if you want to contribute financially…well we would appreciate that as well.  Asante Sana!

Community Christian School Ruai 

Chicken Project:  We are starting a sustainability chicken (egg laying) project for the school.  We have purchased 500 chickens, immunizations, needed supplies, and built a chicken shed for 200 adult layers, complete with a room for a caretaker.  We are in the process of building an additional chicken shed that will house 300 adult chickens when they begin laying.  We still lack the roofing, wire mesh, and laying benches for this structure.  Once the structure is finished we also plan to build a wire fence around the school compound as an added security measure, as people commonly walk through the compound.

Student/Teacher Christmas Gift:  A couple of times each year we like to bless the students and teachers of the school with a gift.  In the past we have given school bags and food items to bless their families/caretakers.  We have appreciated the teachers of the school (who receive very little compensation for their work) with gifts of money, hand bags, and traveling suitcases (these may seem like odd gifts but these were requested).  This Christmas (actually late November since the school is not in session in December) we plan on providing each child (over 100) with enough food supplies for their families/caretakers for the month.  This will compensate for the meals that the children would normally get at school, but also as an extra blessing for the family.  We will also bless the teachers with food items for the month.

Feeding Project:  The monthly feeding project is on going.  Within the next few months, as the Chicken Project begins to generate income, we will slowly begin to withdraw the monthly food support and provide support in other ways.

Hosanna Children’s Home, Githunguri

Well/Water Harvesting Project:  We have been working towards digging a well for several months now, but the workers have been having extreme difficulty finding water, due to the rock they have to work through.  So in the meantime we are assisting with the installation of a water harvesting system for the home.   The water harvesting will really bless the home with additional water for cleaning, washing, bathing, and flushing toilets (newly installed!).   However, the well is much needed for drinking and cooking water.  Please be in prayer that the workers will find water soon.  Beatrice and Issac, the directors of Hosanna, are extremely focused and dedicated.  Every time we visit they have made incredible upgrades to the home and they are always finding new ways to make improvements. 

Christmas Party:  The last 2 years we have celebrated the Christmas Season at Hosanna by throwing a party (pizza one year, but they requested sausages the next….totally different culture) and giving each child a new pair of shoes.  Since shoes wear out and kids grow, this year we have been asked to provide shoes once again.  There are around 70 kids now at Hosanna.

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