Modern Posterity Photo Shoot…

Back in July….wow, has it been that long?….our good freinds, Jason and Renee Crowgey, came to visit us.  We had an amazing time showing them around Kenya, introducing them to Sophie (Aunt Crowgeylina and Uncle Ray-), playing Resistance, and just catching up with them in general.  It is awesome to have friends and family see our lives on this side of the world.  Jason and Renee have also started a photography business called Modern Posterity.  While they were here they took an afternoon to photograph our family.  We have been meaning to post these for a while….but better late than never.  If you are looking for someone to photograph your family, children, wedding, or any big event…we couldn’t recommend Modern Posterity highly enough.  You can contact them at  Just tell them Jamie and Jess sent you….it won’t get you anything, but do it anyway.  Enjoy the photos…

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One thought on “Modern Posterity Photo Shoot…

  1. love them! you’re all so beautiful :). now… if we could just some more recent life updates and photos! thinking of you guys lots these days as kenya keeps popping up in the headlines. and are you making any big life announcements?? wish we could stroll down the hill for a chat. and to see that grown up kid of yours. what are her latest developmental wonders?
    love from all of us…k

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