Quick Update…

So I realized the other day that a lot of time has slipped by since we last posted an update on our family.  So for what it is worth here it is….

We are currently awaiting the arrival of baby #2.  We do know that we are having a little boy and have decided to name him Ethan Benton Dunning.  I am 34 weeks right now so in about 6 weeks we should be welcoming him into our family.  We are getting a room added on to our house for the baby and every time we walk by where the men are working Sophie says “baby house”.  Of course it is a lot cuter if you can actually here her say it with her 1½ year old pronunciation.  I have posted a belly shot (for you Kirsten) and realized  that this is the first belly shot that I have taken like this for this pregnancy.  Time has just completely slipped away from us.  I had a wonderful baby shower with the Rosslyn staff yesterday planned by some very amazing ladies who are so special to me (Amy, Aimee, Kelly, Melissa and Jessie).  It was wonderful.  We got some great gifts for Ethan and felt so loved.

Sophie is now 21 months old which is so hard to believe.  She is at a super fun stage and I often just find myself watching her.  She is becoming more interactive in her play and is already proving that she is going to be a great big sister with the way she takes care of her baby dolls.  We are so blessed to have such an amazing little girl.  She is getting to big way to fast.

Other than that life in Kenya is great.  We are so blessed by the life that God has given us here and the opportunities that we are given daily.  Of course we miss our families like crazy and would give anything to be able to see them more often.  We are as always thankful for their love and support.

I guess that will do it for now.  I have posted some pictures below.  We will try not to let as much time go by before we update again.

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4 thoughts on “Quick Update…

  1. Your family misses you like crazy too!!! I am glad you posted an updated picture of you. I haven’t seen the side view since Christmas.

  2. You are adorable! And Sophie is precious! She reminds me of Mr. David 🙂 I’ll be praying for a safe delivery for you and Ethan! Lots of Love!

  3. YAY!!!! Love it! You’re looking ridiculously stunning for being 34 weeks pregnant. If I was looking that good I’d be taking belly shots once a week at least :). And Sophie. She is so big and so very cute. She’s definitely entered the “little girl” stage, hey? Crazy how that suddenly happens and she’s a baby no more. Can’t wait to get to know her in real life in this new stage. She and Penelope are going to have a ball. Thanks for the post. Have a lovely spring break… (and look at your huge comment count on this post! :)).

  4. Didn’t know you and Jamie were expecting! Congrats. We just brought home number two a little over four weeks ago (Eleanor Kate). It’s crazy have two under two years old, but not as tough as everyone we talked to made it out to be. That’s probably because Jennifer is a fantastic mom and Cora is a great older sister. Can’t wait to see pictures of little Ethan when he arrives. I pray everything goes well.

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