Welcome Ethan Benton Dunning…

We have been meaning to post this blog for a few days now, but life has been a bit busy lately.  On April 26th our family was blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Ethan Benton Dunning.  He was born at 7:02am, weighed 3.4kg and was 50cm long.  Ethan was born by c-section after a long labor in which things just weren’t progressing like they should.  We are thankful that Ethan has arrived safely.

Here are a few pictures from Ethan’s first week and a half with us.  There are also a few pictures of Sophie with her new “baby brudda”.  She already loves Ethan so much and is so great with him, but we definitely see the jealous streaks coming out on occasion.

Hard to believe that our family of 3 is now a family of 4.  We are so blessed.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome Ethan Benton Dunning…

  1. Oh my goodness, there he is!!! He’s so beautiful and perfect and obviously already being well loved :). I can’t believe I haven’t written you yet to congratulate you. I keep thinking I’ll put together a real life card/present, but it hasn’t happened yet, so here’s my pathetic technology-based substitute. A million congratulations. We can’t wait to meet Ethan and to give our love properly. In real life. Without emotiocons :).
    love from all of us, to all (FOUR) of you,

  2. (and seriously, Jess, you look like THAT immediately after a C-section?? i’d be lucky to look that good on my way to an evening gala. you couldn’t even give us a hint of haggard??)

  3. Gorgeous! So happy for you! Love the picture of Sophie and Ethan! And I agree with Kirsten…you look too good after a c-section. It’s just not fair 🙂

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