Water Project at Hosanna Children’s Home…

We are happy to report that the water project at Hosanna Children’s Home is going very well and is nearly complete.  Over the last year we have partnered with Hosanna to assist them in installing a rain water harvesting system to collect excess rain water, as well as in digging a well, installing a pump, and running distribution pipes throughout the orphanage.  The digging of the well has taken much longer than expected, but in an effort to save money (and it has saved a ton!) they elected to have the well dug by hand as opposed to hiring a company to drill.  It took a lot of hard work but the workers finally hit water a few months ago.  They are still digging because there is more water available, however, there is already enough to provide the orphanage with a large increase in water.  This has been a great blessing for a phenominal orphange, one that is doing wonderful things in the lives of children for Christ’s glory.

Thank you so much to the Falcon Children’s Home, Melba Hughes (Meme), David Hayes, and David and Iniray Luper for their support and contributions towards this project.

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