Chicken Project Update…

Those of you that support and/or follow our projects are probably aware that we are working with Christian Community School Ruai to establish a sustainability project to fund the feeding program at the school.  The project currently consists of 500 layers that lay roughly 14 trays of eggs each day.  The selling of these eggs generates enough income for the school to cover the costs of sustaining the chicken project as well as the cost of the monthly student feeding program. However, in order for the project to maintain consistancy we have seen the need to assist in building an additional shed that will house an additional 500 chickens.  The newest round of 500 chickens will take 5 months to reach maturity, at which time they will replace the current 500 layers (the life expectancy of active laying is between 10-14 months).  The current layers will then be sold off for a large profit that will be used to purchase and feed the next round of chicks as they brood and mature for the 5 month period.  This ensures that the project will consistently be able to produce eggs and generate the necessary income for the feeding program.

At this phase of the project we have nearly finished the 2nd shed.  There are still a few finishing touches that are necessary, but we are hoping to be in a position to purchase the next round of chicks.  The Mboyas decided on an incredible design for the second shed, connecting it to the orignal shed by a small corrider.  This is brilliant for a few reasons.  First, it allows that there is only one entrance to all (soon to be) 1,000 chickens.  This makes the chickens/eggs much more secure.  Also, The covered corridor in between the two sheds provides a wonderful storage area for feed, as well as shelter from the rain for the caretakers (Eunice and Mama Grace).  Another benefit is that the two sheds are basically connected under 1 large tin roof that slopes gently downwards.  The goal is to use this large sloping surface to collect rainwater (when they are fortunate enough to get rain) that can be used for the chickens.

We are very happy with the progress of the project and how it is blessing the lives of children.  We are looking forward to the continued success and God’s blessing to remain on the project.  There are many people that have contributed to this project and it is greatly appreciated.  We know that God will continue to bless you for your generosity.

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3 thoughts on “Chicken Project Update…

  1. WOW!!!! That is AMAZING!!!! Can’t believe the work they have done since we were over there!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!!! A Project to be PROUD of !!!!! Love Ya’ll !!!! LOVE MOM

  2. Amazing pictures, Thanks Jammie for what God has helped you to accomplish towards lifting of the downcast, and reaching the most vulnerable kids in Ruai. Thanks to every helping hand. We give them education and food and we believe that those two items lays a strong foundation in alleviating poverty in Africa. Thanks To All.

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