Thanksgiving at Calvary Christian Prepatory School Ruai…

Each year on Thanksgiving we visit Ruai to see the students and teachers at the school to give out food packages.  The school does not meet during the month of December so the food packs are a small way to bless the parents and caretakers of the students who typically rely on the school to provide meals for the kids.  It has become a tradition for us over the last few years and is one of our favorite parts of our Thanksgiving in Kenya.

We were able to see the new kitchen/dining facility that we recently helped build.  The students have always taken their lunch sitting ont he ground.  Eating on the ground created many problems for the kids including getting dirt in their food, sitting on thorns, and discomfort.  The new structure provides a nice open area for the kids to eat and also has a small section that is used for preparing and cooking the food.  The students currently have chairs to sit in while eating but the hope is to have some tables made for the dining area.

We were also able to check on the chickens.  The 1st 500 are still laying, though the production is beginning to decrease.  They will stop all together within the next 4 months.  The 2nd 500 are still brooding and getting bigger every day.  They are eating and growing and in 2 months they will start laying….right in time to replace the older ones as they stop.

Thanks to all of you that have supported these projects.

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