The Next Chapter…

After five amazing years in Kenya and at Rosslyn Academy our time here is coming to a close.  During these last years we have been blessed to have the opportunity to assist several orphanages, schools, and ministries with support and sustainable development.  This involvement on a bivocational basis has confirmed a desire to pursue this type of work full-time.  Therefore, at the end of this school year we will be making the transition to becomming career missionaries through People to People Ministries.   We have loved our time at Rosslyn Academy and have made this campus our home.  It will be difficult for us to transition to a new chapter, but we are confident that this is what God is leading us towards.

At this point we have applied to join People to People and we will be moving back to tbe States in June.  We will be living in Falcon, NC, for 1-2 years and will be using this time to itinerate and raise funds for our ministry.  At this point our exact placement has not been confirmed, but we are confident that the right doors will be opened and that the right location will be confirmed.

We, first of all, want to say thank you to Rosslyn Academy for providing us with an incredible working environment, community, and home.  We also want to thank everyone that has supported us with prayers and financial gifts.  Below there is a link showing what we (all of you) have accomplished and is our way of saying thank you.

Now is that part that will be difficult for us…asking for money.  By June we need to raise a significant amount of support…3 months worth….so that we are at a point that our account is strong enough that we can itinerate full-time.  This will make our transition back to the States smoother and will allow us to hit the ground running.  We are excited about the plans and ideas that we have to make social justice outreach through People to People as effective as possible.  If you would like to begin supporting us monthly, or with a one-time donation, you can do so by sending support to the account information below.   We will also be arranging church visits starting in late June, so we would love to visit you.  If you are interested please contact us at  We also ask for your continued prayers as we begin this transition.  Thank you and God Bless.

To mail donations send to:

World Missions Ministries

PO Box 12609

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73157

Attention: James/Jessica Dunning

Ministry Account #90349

To give on-line go to:

Then click “Support a Missionary” and find our name in the directory.

2 thoughts on “The Next Chapter…

  1. We are praying for you for the Lord to bless you and keep you; may He always make His face shine upon you, may He be gracious to you and lift up His countenance upon you, may He also give you peace and keep you strong in good health.

    • Oh my, what a heart warming video of the work Christ has done through you and the outpouring support of others. I started crying for you thinking about your leaving those people as I can only imagine how much you’ll miss them and them you. You have blessed each others lives, but with that I am so excited to see where God leasds my sweet friends to continue pouring God’s blessings and spreading His love. On a selfish note, this Georgia-Wyoming girl is ecstatic to be able to get to see you this summer and meet your beautiful children! I can’t wait to hear personal stories from your amazing time there and hug your necks. Please give Lissy hugs and tell her I will continue praying for her as well. Love you precious Dunning fam!


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