New Playground and Biogas System for Hosanna!

We have spent the last 2 weeks in South Africa…Jamie recovering, the kids being their awesomely flexible selves and Jessica basically being Super-Mom/Wife.  So far the recovery process has gone well–at times difficult and painful–but nothing unexpected. We will post an update on all of that after we see the surgeon tomorrow and return to Kenya on Thursday. For now, we thought we would post an update on a few developments at Hosanna Children’s Home.

We visited our friends at Hosanna a couple of days before we flew to South Africa because we hadn’t seen them in a while and we knew that it may be a weeks before we could visit again. We also wanted to check out the new play area and biogas system that were made possible by The Rosslyn Academy Christmas Project and Dwayne and Connie Dunning. Hosanna is located on a beautiful piece of land surrounded by lush vegetation and green hills, but it is small piece of land for an orphanage, church, and day school. The children desperately needed a place to run and play together. Even though space is tight, they were able to use the area in between the church and the dormitory to make a basketball court/soccer pitch. When we arrived there were dozens of kids running and playing soccer…something that we could not remember ever seeing in all of our visits to Hosanna. In addition, they set aside a small patch of land for a playground for the younger children. The area was fenced off, grass was planted, and a slide and swing-set were built. We were fortunate that on the day we visited the playground equipment was being delivered! So we were not only able to see the equipment, but saw the excitement of the kids when they saw it for the first time…..a lot of dancing, singing, and smiling!

The biogas system is still in process. They have completed the elaborate system (one that includes an underground dome that is 8ft. deep and 16ft. in diameter!) but are now waiting for the dome to be filled to the appropriate level (with cow waste) so that it will begin producing clean burning biogas that will be used for cooking and electricity….no more smoky charcoal fires in the kitchen and wasting money on fuel!

We are very excited about what God is doing at Hosanna through Sister Beatrice, Isaac, and the rest of their family. It is projects like this and people like this that we are planning to dedicate our lives and ministry to supporting. For more information on our future plans or on how to support us click here….either way, enjoy some pics:

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