Jamie’s Baby Dedication….

A couple of weeks ago our good friends, Joseph and Eunice Mboya, invited us to the baby dedication of Jamie Mboya, their newborn son and my namesake.  It is humbling and an amazing honor to have their child share my name.  We were blessed to be present for, and a part of, his dedication.  It was bittersweet though, because this family, and the church and school they lead, have been a huge part of our time in Kenya and we know we will only be able to visit a few more times before we head back to the States.  We will be back in East Africa, so we know our paths will cross again, but it is still difficult to say goodbye.

We have also been looking for a parting gift to leave with the school and church…one last project that will bless the community and children that are served there.  One major need they currently have is a new set of vyoo (or choos….long drop toilets) for the compound.  The present choo is no longer sanitary and has reached maximum capacity…to put it delicately.  With so many students and church members coming through the compound every day, they desperately need a new set of deeper, sturdier built toilets.  We will not be able to complete the whole project before leaving, but we are going to do our best to help them get the project as far along as possible.  We will try to post an update on the progress when we visit again.

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Jamie and Jamie...

Jamie and Jamie…

Ethan is feeling the praise and worship...

Ethan is feeling the praise and worship…

Somehow Sophie worked here way into a job counting the offering.

Somehow Sophie worked here way into a job counting the offering.

One thought on “Jamie’s Baby Dedication….

  1. Ok people. I’ve waited a month. How in the world am I supposed to be your most diligent commenter if you don’t post anything? We want to see your new life!!! 🙂 Missing you…

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