TIA: This is Africa…

The following is a list of things that you have to live in Africa to experience.  All though some of these could be experienced elsewhere, only in Africa can this list be complete.

1.  Look out your front window and see a monkey sitting on your porch.

Our new friend...

Our new friend...

2.  A Dozen Roses = 200 ksh ($2.85)  Needless to say birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions just got much simpler.

3.  Two lanes of traffic suddenly becomes four lanes of traffic.

4.  World Cup Qualifier: Kenya vs. Namibia = 200 ksh (more on this later)

5.  5 potatoes, 5 carrots, 15 bananas, 2 onions, 3 apples = 130 ksh ($1.85)

6.  You are trusted with the responsibilities of a medical professional when you visit the emergency room. (see earlier post)

7.  Turn on the faucet, water.  Turn on the faucet, nothing.

8.  Internet has a way of getting “lost” at times.

9.  Nice warm baths…..because there is not enough pressure for a shower.

10.  Warm, tropical weather 10 months out of the year!

11.  Beautiful scenery everywhere.

12.  Reptiles suddenly become a normal part of your home decor (That’s right Carl is a part of the family now, and he brought a friend…see earlier post).

13.  Service starts at 5…see you at 5:42.

14.  To boil water at 6,000 feet…turn on the eye of the stove, then go for a jog, take a shower, read a book, write in your journal, wash the car, check the pot….you get the point.

15.  No U-turns, it is against Kenya Traffic Laws…SINCE WHEN ARE THERE KENYA TRAFFIC LAWS?!?!?!?

16.  If you see something at the grocery store you like, buy it!  It probably won’t be there again for a very long time.

17.  Chicken =  $Arm and a Leg (for some strange reason it is a high priced meat over here)

18.  Great International Cuisine.

19.  Close proximity to more than we could list here (Safari, Indian Ocean, Great Rift Valley, Mt. Kenya, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Nile River Rafting, etc.)

20.  Some of the most incredible people you will ever meet with the most  amazing hearts.

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