Christian Life Worship Center

Last weekend we visited Christian Life Worship Center, a church outside of a slum in Satellite, Kenya.  We have visited a few times before but this was the first time we were invited to come as guest speakers.  Of the several churches we visit in Kenya this is one of our favorite.  The pastor (Tobias) is a great speaker, we always enjoy their praise and worship time, and the church community is very open and friendly.  Before Jamie spoke (still can’t convince these guys that I am not a preacher!), as usual, Jessica sang a song.  We did a new (at least to us) song called “Moyo Wangu” (My Heart), which is a fun, fast-moving song that is a lot of fun to play on the guitar and to sing.  As always Jessica sang the Swahili so beautifully that everyone assumed she is a fluent speaker (They are confused and perhaps slightly disappointed when they learn that she only knows simple greetings!).  They are surprised that she can pronounce it so well while singing but not know the language, but that is just a testament to her amazing ability to sing in  foreign languages! (She does know the translation of what she is singing though.  I translate the songs before hand to make sure we like the message of the song).  After the service we had a nice time visiting with church members and they prepared us a nice lunch that we enjoyed with Pastor Tobias and his wife Judy.  It was another great visit to another great church.  We are always encouraged on these visits to see what the Lord is doing in people here and what he is accomplishing through them.  Please continue to pray for the work that is going on here in Kenya!

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