Christmas Party at Hosanna…

Last year we started a tradition that we would like to continue as long as we are here, and that is a Christmas party with the kids at Hosanna Children’s Home.   We take food, presents for the kids, and we spend the day celebrating together.  This year we recruited Melissa to join the party.  We decided that this year we would let the kids decide what type of food they would like to have.  Last year we took several pizzas, thinking that most kids love pizza as a surprise.  Well it turned out that most of them had never had pizza, and even though they enjoyed the experience,  it wasn’t necessarily what they would have chosen themselves.  I am guessing it would be similar to a Korean person bringing mandu to a birthday party in the States….very tasty, but different.  So we asked them what they would like and they gave us the answer anyone would expect to hear when asking this question to a group of kids…..sausages.  These sausages are available  in any cafe or roadside stand and they are quite tasty, but not what we expected  a group of kids to want as a treat.  But what do we know?  So we went to the grocery store and bought 200 sausages(Jamie spent the first couple hours of the morning grilling them), chips, and sodas and we went to have a party.  We were greeted by smiling faces and the beautiful singing of Christmas carols.  We had a great time with the kids and even enjoyed a few sausages.

Then it was present time.  We were able to get all of the kids a new pair of black leather shoes for school.  Last year we gave athletic shoes but this year they requested dress shoes.  In Kenyan schools you have to wear uniforms and black leather shoes are a part of this uniform.  The kids will be very proud to return to school after holiday wearing their new shoes.  It was a great day and an awesome way to celebrate Christmas.

As always…..thanks so much to those of you that support our ministry account.  You are the reason that these projects happen.  It is far more about what you do in giving than it is about what we do with it.  Thanks and Merry Christmas! 

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