July Update:


We have had an exciting couple of months that have allowed us to visit many churches and events, as well as spend time with friends and family. We are grateful for all of the new relationships we have formed, and for every church that has welcomed us. We continue to make progress towards reaching our budget goal so that we will be able to return to Kenya. We want to thank each of you for, not only partnering with us, but for being patient with us as we strive to raise our budget. We know that you are as eager to see us return to Kenya as we are to return, so we thank you for your support and dedication to our family. We appreciate each of you.
As always, we are looking for opportunities to expand our network of partners. If you are currently one of our partners, would you prayerfully consider sharing about our ministry with your friends and family? We would love to have open doors into new churches and even small groups and home groups. If you have friends, family, or contacts that you feel may be interested in learning about our vision for outreach in Kenya, please let us know.
Travel Stats Since Last Update:
Churches Visited: 9
*Westmoreland (Wilson, NC) *Baraneau (Lake City, SC) *Thrive Church (Richmond, VA) *Living Word Full Gospel Fellowship (Wilmington, NC) *Smyrna P.H. Church (Smyrna, NC) *Falcon Children’s Home Chapel (Falcon, NC) *Roper P.H. Church (Roper, NC) *Maxton P.H. Church (Maxton, NC) *Cedar Point (Swansboro, NC)
Events Attended: 3
*Redemption Ministries Great Comission Meal (Chesapeake, VA
*South Carolina Campmeeting (Lake City, SC)
*Upper South Carolina Campmeeting (Beech Springs, SC)

Ministry Miles Driven: 3,000+

Recent Happenings:
This last couple of months have been full of a wide variety of amazing experienes. In addition to our usual work, speaking, and travel, we also had Sophie’ first dance recital, celebrated Sophie’s 4th birthday, drove down the NC Outer Banks for the first time while traveling from one church to another, went to Denver, CO, for Melissa (Jamie’s sister) and Christian’s wedding, celebrated July 4th with Jessica’s family, and met up with some of our closest friends from our first two years in Kenya for a camping trip. This has been an extremely eventful and exciting couple of months.

In the next couple of months we currently have 14 different services scheduled, as well as plans to attend NC Campmeeting and serve as presenters at Missions Fest in Burlington, NC. We are also still working on a few other potential bookings. That will be a lot of time on the road, but we are thankful to have a full, busy calendar, because we know that each opportunity leads us closer to returning to Kenya. As you can see in the picture on the left, Soph and Ethan have gotten used to being on the road.
In late August, Melissa and Christian will also be coming to NC for a wedding reception, so we are looking forward to seeing them and having a large family celebration.

Thanks for stopping by to check in on us. We are striving to raise our budget so that we are able to return to Kenya as soon as possible!

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