Come, Lord Jesus, Come…An Advent Thought

“Behold, you come. And your coming is neither past nor future, but the present, which has only to reach its fulfillment.” -Karl Rahner


Advent is the season when we are especially mindful of “the coming” of Christ. It is not only of his coming 2,000 years ago, when he entered the world as a child, walked among us, taught us how to live and love, and ultimately offered himself as a sacrifice for our redemption. Neither is it only of his future coming, when he will establish his Kingdom in fullness and all of creation will be restored. But it is also of his present coming, in the here and now.

Christ comes to us in every moment of every day. He comes to us through the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit that draws us to him. When truth is spoken and grace is offered, he comes to us. When light is chosen over darkness and peace instead of war, when love is offered and hate is rejected, he comes. He comes to us through the beauty of creation and the splendor of the heavens. He comes to us in the faces of the least of these and urges us to serve him by serving others. During this season of Advent, I pray that we will always be aware of His presence and that we never fail to recognize him when he comes to us.

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